Division 5 is not a single entity, or rather it was, but rather a consolidated group of organizations that have been merged for the purpose of fulfilling their original purpose.

The following are some of the organizations that have been swallowed by Division 5 and now act as arms or divisions. The actual mechanical operations of these organizations in the greater sphere is regulated under US Federal law and international accords.


Policing the video gaming industry.

The National Committee for Games Policy

The NCGP was formed to combat the lootcrate and lootbox gambling crisis in the video games industry.

It was later shut down and reorganized.


A real US veteran association from the Vietnam War.

The United States Armed Guards (Navy) aboard the SS John W Brown.

We monitor and police for false military decorations and medals, which are illegal in the United States by federal law and punishable by imprisonment.


Established by the Emperor of Vietnam, by urging of the Royal House of France.

Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam

Part of the United Nations Alliance on Crime Prevention and Drug Abuse. We actively undergo field operations for the protection of the American public.


In association with IBM Watson.

ZatoDashi Talent

We have gained accredited digital influencer status on both Webfluential, Hypetap, and Scrunch.

As we regulate the banks, we must be vigilant and find every opportunity possible to investigate the most heinous of crimes.


A rival to Russia's Internet Research Agency.

Troll Hunters

As one of the only agencies tackling the IRA and their allies, we are one of the last lines of defense in the battle for the internet, a vital line of commerce for the United States.