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This is a colloquial name used to describe field operatives of The Division (Division 5). Like the term "spooks" with the Central Intelligence Agency, we also use such terms within the offices of The Division. All licenses of Hunters will clearly display personal identification number, name, aliases, date of birth, and state "Field Officer". Non-field staff members of The Division, such as temporary interns, are not typically given licenses below the managerial level.

Only The Division headquarters and the NSA can confirm the identity of a Hunter "Field Officer". Some requests may require a security clearance.

All Hunters operate under the Trump administration at the time of this writing.

Most Wanted

The following people are known to be impersonating Hunters, and have been reported to the authorities and publicly shamed by whatever forces may be.

  • Jessica D.K. Nguyen (Lake Forest, CA)
  • Amiel Cortez (Mission Viejo, CA)
  • Rameses Javier Casten (Philippines)

There is a monetary reward leading to information as to the capture of these individuals by the Division.

Licensed Hunters

As a public precaution, please note that all Hunters have a license and personal identification card. Anybody claiming to be a Hunter is not officially with the Division, although we do have affiliates, associates, and assets on the field just as any intelligence agency would.

All non-Hunters are operating under non-official cover (NOC) status and must contact the Division directly for confirmation if there is any contact with the police authorities, other agencies, reporters and journalists, or members of the public with whom an issue as arisen.

Licensed Hunters should avoid contact with all members of the public and other agencies at all times, as it is in our original charter that we keep our activities confidential. So keeping in the spirit of that, we have a duty to protect the public from our own devices and operations. Although we are not shy of the spotlight, we would prefer to work under the guidance of the executive.